Farmacia Guimerá means having the security of being in the hands of the best pharmacists . Professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the health and well-being of patients is always the best and most appropriate. That is why at Farmacia Guimerá we make a difference by giving the best pharmaceutical advice accompanied by a wide stock of medicines and products. Thus resolving what the patient requires as soon as possible.

We are specialists in cosmetics creating our own line made by us that is economical and of excellent quality. We have the best prices in the oral health category .

We stand out in Eye Health for having optometrists on our team for the best advice.

More than 50 years producing personalized medicines, including sterile ones

Online purchase service for medicines and parapharmacy through our website with free and immediate transportation in the city of Vinaròs and surrounding towns.

At Guimerá pharmacy you will find all the pharmaceutical services you need in the center of Vinaròs.

Mission, vision and values


At Farmacia Guimerá we offer healthcare to achieve, to the greatest extent possible, an optimal state of health in our patients. We achieve this with good pharmaceutical advice , resolving any questions about medication.

We also contribute by offering quality pharmaceutical products with the best professionalism, as well as cosmetic services , orthopedics , earrings , master formulation , analytical determinations , tobacco cessation , weight control , homeopathy and natural remedies , pharmaceutical care and pharmacovigilance, SPD (personalized service dosage) , and cardiovascular risk control .


We follow a benchmark model of safety and trust in pharmaceutical care as well as the treatment of patients, clients, employees and suppliers, which allows us to form an effective team together.

We prioritize faultless delivery of prescribed medications, which implies an exact match with the prescription , available stock and perfect condition of the drug or medical product to be delivered.

We offer absolute confidence that when a patient leaves our pharmacy they know perfectly the indication of the drug dispensed, the dosage and the importance of complying with the treatment.

We defend human rights and, as healthcare professionals, we advocate for universal access to safe, quality healthcare for all. To achieve this, we consider it essential to provide training and information to different healthcare professionals and patient groups in a transparent and interference-free manner. We want our professional team of workers to feel proud to belong to this pharmacy.


Our philosophy is that of ethical and responsible behavior. We manage the pharmacy from a quality criterion, both in stock and custody of medicines, to guarantee compliance with our vision: Work spirit, responsibility, Equal opportunities, permanent learning and innovation, critical sense, active and creative participation, trend towards sustainable products for the environment, respect, compliance with safety standards, good climate of coexistence and humanity, teamwork, commitment, security, honesty, resolution, efficiency, professionalism, vocation for Service, trust, accessibility (without existence of barriers that make it difficult for people who need them to use our resources or that discriminate against them based on their race, beliefs or economic situation), quality (Ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of services and the safety of people ).

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