At Farmacia Guimerá we have a team formed in order to cover all your needs:

  • Javier Guimerá Querol: PPharmacist from the University of Valencia and technician in veterinary pharmacotherapy and dispensing of veterinary medications.
  • Laura Guimerá Querol: Pharmacist from the University of Barcelona, ​​Orthopedic Technician and Optical Optometrist.
  • Maria Jose Lavall Obiol: Pharmacist from the University of Valencia, Orthopedic Technician, Dietitian and Nutritionist.
  • Lourdes Bellot Llanusa:  Pharmacy assistant.
  • Susana Fonellosa Subirats:  Pharmacy assistant.
  • Cristina Matis: Pharmacy assistant.
  • Iulia Bulgaru: Pharmacy assistant
  • Sara Botón Rodriguez: Pharmacy technician.
  • Carol Danta Romero: Pharmacy technician.
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