At the Guimera CB pharmacy we also offer the SPD service (Personalized Dosage System). Self-medication, non-compliance with pharmacological treatment, duplication of drugs - among other factors - are the cause of therapeutic failure, the appearance of numerous problems related to the medication, hospitalizations and high economic waste. All of the above has led the pharmacist to consider the need for a “unit dose” system at the community pharmacy level, the Personalized Dosing System (SPD).

The SPD service consists of re-conditioning and individually dosing the patient's medication in single-use containers, according to the therapeutic regimen established by the prescribing doctor and for a specific period of time.

Taking the medication is clearly identified for each day of the week (Monday to Sunday) and according to the established schedule. In addition, all medication information is attached to the patient: name of the drug, dose, dosage, route, batch, description and conservation.

The objective of the SPD is for the patient to receive the medications they need, conveniently prepared by the pharmacist , with the aim of obtaining optimal therapeutic compliance, ensuring a more rational use of the medication and improving the patient's quality of life.

It is a system focused especially on patients with chronic medication, polypharmacy, patients with physical deficiencies and help for family members and caregivers.

The SPD is a post-dispensing service of community pharmacy, which offers health care integrated into the healthcare model and which we make available to the pharmacist and patient.

Once it has been determined which patients can benefit from the service, the prescribing doctor will have to complete the SPD application form, which the patient will send to their usual pharmacy. It is also necessary for the pharmacy to have the patient's consent and authorization.

It is the responsibility of all health professionals to seek collaboration strategies that contribute to the proper use of medications.

Servicio personalizado de dosificacion en farmacia guimera en vinaroz
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